Singing and the Nervous System:
with Heidi Moss Erickson



In this three part course with renowned scientist and singer Heidi Moss, you will learn how your voice connects with your nervous system and, indeed, every part of you.

Your eyes will be opened to what really happens when we breathe, how to optimise your own practice and how singing changes your brain and body.

   Every session will include a presentation of the latest science plus practical tips and exploration.   

Class 1: Neuroscience of Breathing:
    PART ONE: Lecture on the connection between the brain, body and breath and why this is so revolutionary in optimising our own singing.  
 PART TWO: Practical/workshop session to explore:
- What are the order of processes that occur when we breathe and sing?
- Looking at specific phrasing
- Managing anxiety
- Understanding motor prediction
- Audiation Why the heart rate is connected to everything.

Class 2: Motor Learning for singing    

PART ONE: Lecture on motor learning and singing: how we can optimise  target practice for a complex motor system by looking at the model of an 'axe thrower'    

PART TWO: Practical/workshop session exploring:  
- A new way of learning that can transform old habits and progress your speed of learning.
 - Imprinting good motor learning habits from the beginning.  
- The power of inversions: above and below and fast and slow.  

Class 3: Singing for Health and Wellbeing   

PART ONE: Lecture on the connections between singing, health and physical and mental wellbeing.
   PART TWO Practical/workshop session covering:  
- Vibrations Group dynamics
- Using attention
- Understanding heart rate
- Tools for calming
- What motor elements can be helpful
- What plasticity really means
- Mental health and singing  
- Using memory 


After suffering a nearly career-ending cranial nerve injury, Heidi utilised her research background towards self-rehabilitation. She defied predictions by returning to the art she loves and has thrived in her professional singing and teaching ever since. In addition to performing, Heidi spent over 10 years at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music leading the vocal physiology course for the collegiate division and teaching in the pre-college and continuing education programs. She also teaches applied voice at UC Davis. Heidi now maintains her flourishing teaching career in her private studio and through her numerous course offerings. She has written and lectured about many aspects of the neuroscience of singing including motor learning, play, songbirds, emotions, biofeedback, and more. Her column “Minding the Gap: connecting research from neuroscience to vocal pedagogy” is featured in the Journal of Singing.

Course Curriculum

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