Helping You Build A Healthy, Lifelong Relationship With Your Voice.

Singing is more than just hitting notes. It is identity, it is connection, it is release.

The Sing Space was created by Vocal experts and industry leaders who came together to form the space they craved most as singers and coaches. We are recording artists and West End performers. We work with global superstars from Olivier and Tony award winners, and West End stars to No.1 selling artists like Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey.

We are here to support you at every step of your singing journey with options to suit your individual needs: from 121 coaching, to expert on-demand masterclasses and local choirs across the UK. 

This is your space to find your voice. 


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A Musical Theatre performance choir. 

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The 16 Bar Challenge is Back!

12 Weeks, 12 Genres, 12 Songs, 1 Showcase

Launching 18th July 2022 with different genres.



We want you to sing out loud and pride in celebration of PRIDE!

This class will take you through a relaxation and building routine to help you get back to your optimal belt. Lead by Sing Space recommended coach, Christie Valeriano.

Finding Rachel and The Sing Space has been genuinely life-changing. 
Bridgette Amofah, Singer, Rudimental and member of The Sing Space




Top Soprano Tips to Finding (and LOVING) A Thicker Mix

So, you’re a soprano trying to sing rock/pop or contemporary MT. If you’re training with a qualified coach, you are doubtless making some new sounds, and getting good feedback. But adjusting to the sounds emotionally can be difficult.

11 Ways that singing can benefit you…

Short and sweet this week – I wanted to share an article on the health benefits of singing.

“Why does everyone have to belt?”

Have you seen the Billie Eilish documentary?
This line struck a chord. I know it’s required for most MT numbers but… is there too much emphasis on big notes?

Help! I’m sick but I’ve got to sing! Should the show still go on…?

It’s the week of an exciting gig/audition/recording/opportunity and you start to feel that
niggle in your throat. A scratchy swallow. A little sniffle.

The 16 Bar Challenge – A Coach’s Perspective

When the Sing Space, along with Online MD, created the 16 Bar Challenge during
the uncertain lockdown periods of the pandemic, it was the most wonderful
forum for singers to share an online experience that spoke directly to the
interruption we were facing as performers.

5 Things I Learnt From Kerrie Obert about the Tongue

Kerrie blew my mind. Whilst it’s impossible to reduce her twenty plus years of experience into a 30 minute practical work out, here are some of the pieces of wisdom that changed the way I view the voice

What if you could stop thinking entirely?

Thinking is a virtually unavoidable part of our lives. We think about a math problem, we think about what we want for dinner, we think about someone we like, or a movie we just watched. Simultaneously, there is a seemingly higher and higher amount of people who are (self-)diagnosed “overthinkers”: People who get in their own way because of their incessant thinking.

If you want to be told exactly how to sing, the Sing Space is not for you.

29.6.22 If you want to be told exactly how to sing, the Sing Space is not for you.   Rachel Lynes, Founder   As I write these words, my finger moves to the delete button. It's not exactly good business saying that, is it? I should be promising answers and...

Why Breathing Matters

22.6.22 - Why Breathing Matters. Barbara Tanze Breathing is a funny thing.   A bit like a car. As long as it works, we don’t think too much about it, but once it starts to make funny noises, we start freaking out. And this is where this analogy ends for me...

“You just sound like a Cruise Ship singer…!”

16.6.22 - Mythbusting the 'Cruise Ship Singer'. Jess Thomas Ok so hands up, how many of us have heard/seen this phrase?Either on a TV show, in a tweet, or at a performance?! Ok, so now hands up for who actually knows what that means…or better still, if they think the...

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