Last week we offered a prize of £100 worth of singing lessons to one lucky winner as thanks for filling out a questionnaire to create

‘Your Dream Singing Support’.

We randomly selected the winner and have added two runner up prizes of £10 vouchers for singing lessons with any Sing Space recommended coach. 

Your feedback was IMMENSELY helpful.

At the Sing Space our quest is to bring the world’s most inspiring minds and exciting industry opportunities to our members, whilst creating a safe and supportive environment for you to learn.

We have taken all your feedback and requests on boards so please explore below to get a sneak peak at the new courses, coaches and website updates.

We are delighted to announce that the winner of £100 worth of Singing Lessons is, Betty Jones. With two runner up prizes of £10 each going to Jodi Krisjanson and Anna Farronato.

Thanks to your feedback, this month sees an overhaul of SING SPACE, making it even easier to use, and offering even more expertise and inspiration. Keep reading to learn more or join our waiting list to be first to hear when we open up limited space on Oct 1st 2021.

Absolutely love the platform   A wealth of resources   Loving what Sing Space has done for my confidence in such a very short time   A godsend   I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say that the Sing Space has changed my life   A blanket of support which allows me to be the best singing teacher I can be    Always something available to help, inspire or support me. It’s wonderful   I feel so lucky to be a part of ‘Sing Space’ and to have ‘met’ so many amazing coaches, West End performers   Everyone gives you confidence, belief as well as opportunity   Incredibly happy to have such great teaching delivered in this way   My privilege to be a part of it   It’s great having access to so many classes and tutors   Lovely to be part of such a supportive network   I’m a bit shy when I don’t know people so this is perfect for me    Sing Space really has been transformative for me   I’ve learnt so much from the masterclasses   My vocal stamina has improved so much   I love the 16 bar challenge   It has pushed my boundaries and creativity   I could talk all day about how happy The Sing Space has made me   Sing Space, has given me back my confidence and made me feel like me again   Sing Space has done wonders both for my confidence and understanding of my instrument   Sing Space has genuinely changed my life as a performer, it’s made me more knowledgeable, more confident and a much better singer   There is nothing else out there that can offer the same for such good value   I love that so many of us have found it   Sing Space has contributed massively to my confidence and motivation to invest in my voice and believe in myself   A safe community for me to try new things and express myself Propelled me to take a more holistic approach to my voice and improve my overall professionalism   I love the community and the safe space it offers    Learning so many new techniques   I’m not afraid to sing and give it a go and no longer afraid of messing up as it’s such a supportive and loving atmosphere   A place to connect with others creatively   Something for everyone whether you’re someone at the start of your career or a seasoned professional   A broad range of masterclasses which add to my current training   Loved the Acoustics course with Kenneth Bozeman   I’ve made a break through in confidence by uploading my singing each week   Loved getting to learn new styles each week   Rep is so hard and it’s really helping me to widen my horizons   Love the opportunity to learn from amazing artists in a respectful environment   Love the warmups   It helps me so much in terms of body and mind   I loved the New Musicals workshops, meeting new writers and learning songs that no one else would know for auditions was fab   A huge variety of expert classes   Flexibility   So many fabulous classes, career related workshops   A great community to learn in   The tutors amaze me how knowledgeable they are   Every time I do a class I learn something new and it makes me want to keep learning and growing as a performer   So nice to have the training on offer at an affordable price   You know it’s not for profit   It’s genuinely a community to help performers   Now I have such a good support network and know we are all happy to help each other   The Vocal Gym™ as it really helps me to practically understand and develop my voice on an ongoing basis   I feel like I’ve made such progress, and I’ve learnt so much since I started a year ago   Acceptance of individuality and the community feel   An absolute gift as I can fit it in around my job and young family   I find it so exciting and interesting   I am learning so much about the voice & trying out new things   The Sing Space approaches the voice in such a healthy, relaxed way that I have been feeling stronger and safer than before   Masterclasses about neuro science   I love the Vocal Gym   I love the community and I love the wide variety of classes and expertise of each teacher    Everyone is really supportive and inspiring    The way it keeps us all busy doing what we love   Amazing friendly team that makes you feel like family   I love the sense of community   It feels safe and supportive    And I learn so much from every class   The professional vocal development opportunities   West end fit   Each element gives me the chance to improve as a singer but more importantly as a performer and be able to network with some amazing people   It gives me a schedule to follow and makes me use my voice regularly   I really like the supportive community vibes, that’s really unusual   The variety and expertise that all the different coaches bring is just amazing – as you take something special away from each and every class    I love it all and have learned so much   The supportive community and the variety of the classes   I also love the routine the daily warm ups bring   I feel so free and confident to sing, chat, observe any class any time, even if I am feeling bad or down, because I know there will be no pressure and the other members and the coaches will be nothing but kind, brilliant and supportive    I love both singing and/or taking active part in the class with my camera on and observing/listening with my camera off if I am not in the mood or multitasking    A genuine welcoming feeling to and from everyone   The Sing Space feels like a safe space   The supportive community   The Vocal Gym has become part of my daily schedule and it has really transformed how I use my voice!

Now we want to take the time to answer your requests for your ‘Dream Singing Support’! Our team are working hard to take all your feedback onboard because when you are happy, we are happy!

You said, ‘Can we have more Voiceover classes?’

We say, ‘Next month we have a three party Voicereel Ready Course with Voiceover expert, Jess Robinson including AMAZING exclusive deals on voice and singing reel recording.’

You said, ‘Can we have more group based technique workshops alongside those that ask for soloists’

We say, ‘Good idea. Jamie Read is offering some amazing technique sessions this season. Including ‘belting,’ ‘mixing’ and ‘muscle tension release’.

You said, ‘Can we have more repertoire?’

We say, “Yes, we will be running regular rep challenges to help you find new material across all genres, from pop to jazz to musical theatre.”

You said, ‘I have performance anxiety.’

We say, ‘We are now running a monthly performance anxiety support group  to help you with this, led by performance psychology expert, Melissa. We also offer monthly Rapid Transformational Therapy with Line Hilton and many other expert guest coaches.’

You said, ‘More networking!’

We say, ‘We want to help open doors so this season includes multiple casting directors, producers, Olivier and Tony award winning writers and musical directors, plus recording artists who’ve worked with world class artists from Alisha Keys to Robbie Williams.

You said, ‘More Heidi Moss and singing and the brain!’

We say, ‘Hell, yes! Stay tuned for a new six month course.’

You said, ‘I struggle with my voice and hormones.’

We say, ‘This season includes seminars with world leading expert in this field, Joanne Bozeman. Yes, it’s double Bozeman season as Kenneth is also back!!’

You said, ‘More sight singing and music theory.’

We say, ‘Of course! Connor’s summer season went down so well that he will be offering regular monthly sessions for all members.’

You said, ‘One of the reasons I haven’t yet joined is I have felt overwhelmed by the choice.’

We say, ‘That’s the joy of it. Classes when you want them, how you want them. And ignore the rest. Think of it like netflix. It’s all at your fingertips but use what works for you. We are happy to chat to anyone to recommend which classes will be a good fit.’

You said, ‘Can we have a certificate to show the attendance of classes?’

We say, ‘Absolutely. That option will be available.’

You said, ‘I wish I had a regime/knew all the best things to keep in tip top shape practice wise so I have a focus each day.’

We say, ‘That is exactly what the Vocal Gym™ is here for. Daily vocal workout classes with a daily focus.

You said, ‘Is there a podcast-style option so I can listen while on the go?’

We said, ‘All our classes can be listened to on the go with your own camera off and on mute. We often listen to the classes whilst cooking dinner/doing other things.

You said, ‘Is there a way of doing online classes with a friend?’

We say, ‘LOVE this. We will be doing bring a friend month in Sept and every member can invite one friend to their chosen class.

You said, ‘I don’t like subscriptions.’

We say, ‘All classes are purchasable and individual drop in classes. Explore at’

You said, ‘I can’t make daytime classes.’

We say, ‘Every class is available on catch up and we’re adding new evening classes all the time. Currently you’ll get 8 evening classes per month in your subscription plus 100s of hours of catch up classes.’

You said, ‘Can you help me navigate all the classes?’

We say, ‘This month we are re-designing the website to include: alphabetical category searching by coach or subject, a page for LIVE upcoming classes, a search bar option for the catch up library and a weekly email with all class links!’

You said, ‘Can we have some dance and drama classes?’

We say, ‘Sure! We are currently on the search for the top online drama and dance offerings to partner with them.’

Want to join us?

We are opening membership intake on Oct 1st for 48 hours with limited spaces available. Priority booking 24 hours before for those on our waiting list.

Sign up now to be first to hear.