What are gems of advice that changed EVERYTHING for you?

Moments of absolute revelation, when it all just fell into place? Many of mine occured in the previous year of Sing Space classes from our fabulous guest faculty! 10 SINGING REVELATIONS FROM 2020:

1) There are over a 100 muscles that aid vocalisation and we have very little sensory awareness in this area. Can we really ‘command’ the voice?

2) ‘Lips Trills are more beneficial to you than vocal rest’ Thanks, Jenevora Williams. All hail the lip bubble.

3) ‘ Audiation,’ (or your inner voice) commands your outer voice.

4) Your jaw muscles are not all where you think they are. Hello, temporalis!

5) Register Breaks are often acoustic challenges rather than functional. Get to know your vocal tract acoustics and fly.

6) Belt doesn’t mean loud. REV.E.LATION.

7) Singing is exhaling. (Thanks Barbara Tanze) 😎 Gesture and vocalisation are connected. In so many ways (Thanks Heidi Moss)

9) Alignment is being ready to go in any direction at any time. Love this.

10) The CT muscles are so tiny that anatomist Stephen King discarded them in a lab? See point 1. These are the muscles that we think we can ‘command.’

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