Reflecting on our day at MOVE IT…


Jo Bentley

When the alarm clock went off at 5.50am, I woke full of apprehension. A long day loomed ahead – and I wanted more than anything for it to be worth it. For us. For them. For everyone.

At the start of the year we were given a fantastic opportunity. For The Sing Space to perform on the main stage at MOVE IT – the biggest dance convention in the UK. We knew immediately that we wanted to open this out to our members and beyond.

Filled to the brim with exhibitors and dance colleges, with performances at every turn, and classes danced in every room,  thousands of dancers sinking their teeth into their passion, their love, their vibe.

This was the place to be for anyone who loves to dance.

As I stepped off the train with my suitcase filled with Sing Space T-shirts, the atmosphere was electric. Although I was early – the anticipation of the final day was palpable. Exhibitors were arriving, performers arriving for their tech rehearsals. Coffee – was in abundance.

Once I had collected our 35 artist passes – I stood by Costa like a woman waiting for a blind date and waited.

Soon, 35 performers would be arriving – ranging from 14 to adult. All wanting the same opportunity. All winners already in our eyes. All hungry to meet Sophie and learn from one of the Industry’s best.

Earlier in the year we had launched a competition for anyone who loves to sing – and we reached past our members and out into the nation.  We had secured Sophie Isaacs – one of our Sing Space coaches and an absolute firecracker of a performer. With west end credits piling up, she has most recently played Katherine Howard in SIX The Musical – a musical that has taken the nation by storm and now has a seriously loyal and loud cult following.

We encouraged entrants to upload a video of them singing just a verse and chorus of SIX to be in with a chance of being selected. We had 35 spots to fill.

We launched the competition, and the uploads came rolling in….


Over a period of 3/4 weeks we sat back and witnessed audition after audition come in. Each performer vying for a spot to learn from Sophie, to perform with Sophie – under the tutiledge of Rachel Lynes, the founder of The Sing Space.

The day came to select the performers which we knew would be hard. But the news was met graciously with support bleeding out from our secure portal of auditionees. Before long we were planning the performance.

Not only did the winners get to perform, they were able to take part in a 90 minute Masterclass with Sophie.

This masterclass would be the rehearsal, but more than that. To get a rare glimpse into what Sophie went through week in week out, to understand how rehearsals run, to feel like a professional. To get to grips with the song, to uncover hidden moments, to be directed by Sophie in the way she was directed; it was 90 minutes of extreme exhileration.

The masterclass was amazing. To watch these 35 performers soak up every word from Sophie and Rachel – to be the best they could possible be in those 90 minutes. They were ready for the big show. And we couldn’t have been more proud.

The performance was electric.

Every queen did themselves proud and we realised quickly – or were reminded – that wonderful things happen when like minded people come together.

So many of our performers only knew of each other through our social media community and had never met in person. Some knew no one at all but everyone came away with new friends.

We came away feeling pride and happiness – but also with the absolute goal to do this again. To bring people together, to share in that sense of community.


It’s where the magic happens.

We intend to bring our sing spacers together more than ever in

2022 and beyond. We can never make up for the past 2 years

but we can move forward with this goal.

So watch this space…



Thank you to Roam Free Photography for our photos!


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