Every 121 lesson, I found myself thinking the same thought:

I can give you tips but, really, for you to make progress I wish that you had a place to practise. At best, this would allow you to take ownership of your voice and become your own coach and, at the least, you’d gain a deep awareness and vocabulary so our lessons could be optimised.

Then the vocal gym began to evolve…

When lockdown started, I made a pledge, to offer a daily free guided warm up to my community to stay in touch and to help keep up your vocal stamina. In five months, our community grew from 300 to over 11,000. 

During this time, I began to form the structure of the Vocal Gym: the result of twenty years of work on the voice: both as a singer (going through rehabilitation) and a vocal coach.

The voice is a muscle that needs constant practise yet practise is near impossible without guidance. Our voice is an ambiguous concept to many of us and we don’t know where to begin or whether what we are doing is taking us in the right direction. I spent ten years trying to ‘practise’ and often doing more harm that good.

The aim of the vocal gym is to give the singer ownership of their voice and a route to vocal freedom. It is there to guide you as you learn what to strengthen and what to release, and to provide an affordable alternative to 121 lessons. It is there to provide structures, focused and consistent practise.

Below, is a detailed overview of WHY and WHAT happens inside the Vocal Gym. Keep reading for more information… The AIM: take time for practise so, when you perform, you can give over to the music and the story. 

In our launch we are offering Sing Space All Access for free when you join us (worth £39.99) – giving you an additional 30 hours of professional training a month plus 20 sessions in the vocal gym (Mon-Fri 10.30am available on catch up)