Norwood has performed in over ten countries, headlined large festivals for millions, and performed on cruise ships. He’s recorded several original albums and singles, and collaborated with well-known acts such as Steve Dorff, The Weather Girls, and The Terri Green Project. This wide range of study (combined with years of teaching and performance experience) has given Norwood a vast vocal vocabulary to help teach others the “secret sauce” of singing. He teaches singers of all experience levels in many genres including R & B, pop, country, rock, musical theatre, Christian, gospel and classical. He enjoys building a foundation of healthy vocal habits with students that will last a lifetime.

“My 11-year-old daughter Danielle has made huge strides as a singer since learning with Norwood! We not only rely on him to expand her range and musical interpretation, but also to prepare her for musical theatre auditions.” ~ Judy G.

“I’ve been working with Norwood for about two months, and I’ve really seen an improvement in my breath control! I’ve also been able to release a lot of the tension I had been feeling when reaching for those higher notes. Norwood is very knowledgable about singing, and he has a teaching style that is easy to understand. Everything I’ve learned has been very simple and easy to grasp.” ~ Sean V., Singer-Songwriter & Pianist

“My 10-year-old son Lucky started taking lessons with Norwood a few months ago, and it’s like a star has been born! He has seen a big boost in his confidence, his pitch has gotten much better, and he really enjoys the lessons. He has even started performing! The changes have happened very fast.” ~ Tina G.