Louise is West End actress and vocal coach based in Soho, London. She teaches the Estill model used by some of the world’s leading vocalists from pop, opera to London’s West End. This methodology focuses on developing vocal skills based on analysing the process of vocal production. By acquiring the ability to consciously move each structure her singers improve at a rapid rate. Jo Estill believed that “everyone has a beautiful voice” and when you truly understand how it all works, there is no limit to what you can do.

She teaches all ages and abilities from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals. Many of Louise’s ‘beginners’ now pursue singing professionally with some achieving great success in the industry. She strongly believes when you change the way you approach the voice and learn failsafe techniques, it is nothing but a joy to sing!

Lesson breakdown:

Talk through vocal goals and assess current range

Learn how to use the voice in a safe and sustainable way

Develop vocal techniques and styles

Free the voice by relieving jaw/tongue-root tension

Receive a bespoke warm-up regime that expands range and helps prevent vocal fatigue/injury through SOVT exercises

Work on placement, resonance and tone

Use mindfulness to aid performance anxiety

Find songs that you LOVE to sing

If you are auditioning for Drama school we will:

Work out what schools to audition for based on your strengths and career goals

Find songs and monologues that suit your casting and show you off to the best of your ability

Tailor each audition to the specific drama school requirements

Learn how to self-tape

Understand the distinction between stage and screen acting through song

Learn how to connect with the panel for in-person auditions

Employ techniques to help you combat audition nerves

Get you feeling confident and excited to show them what you can do