If you want to be told exactly how to sing, the Sing Space is not for you.


Rachel Lynes, Founder


As I write these words, my finger moves to the delete button. It’s not exactly good business saying that, is it?

I should be promising answers and certainty, especially in this time.

But that would be a lie.

We’re not here to tell you exactly what to do.

We’re here to connect you with the brightest minds, the newest ideas and research.

We’re here to help you find your own voice, your own way of doing things.

We’re here to provide structures for learning:

  • The repetition, and routine of the live Vocal Gym,

  • Workshops and performance opportunities that encourage trial and error,

  • Evidence based learning strategies including mindfulness, questioning and play.

We’re here to introduce you to people who’ll inspire you and who you can collaborate with.

If you want to be told exactly how to sing, the Sing Space is not for you.

Finding Rachel and The Sing Space has been genuinely life-changing. 
Bridgette Amofah, Singer, Rudimental and member of The Sing Space

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Rachel is the founder of The Sing Space, home of the Vocal Gym™ providing a space where singer can attend daily online singing classes to help you discover techniques to provide the freedom to sing across all genres. 

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